Icelandic Horses for sale

We have a variety of young Icelandic Horses for sale, different colors to choose from (colts and fillies). Occasionally, the price of a horse may change as the horse develops further in their training. There are always more horses for sale, than our web page displays.

If you are interested in buying a horse, we recommend to provide us with some info on yourself as a rider and your plans for the future.

Not every horse is a beginners horse and an advanced or ambitious rider needs a different horse than a trail rider who just loves to go out and ride.

At Tolt Away Farm we look forward to help you find the horse of your dreams, so you can just tolt away.

  • Leiftri is a 5 gaited gelding. He is a really smart guy. who is always waiting at the gate for you to cuddle and do stuff with him.

    Leiftri would be suitable for a family. Easy to handle in general, responsive and willing to please.

    Nice to ride in the arena, but his favorite is to go on trails, where he has proven himself as steady and safe.

    He loves all kinds of attention and brushing. He is smooth to ride and has a nice tolt.

    This sweet gelding is eager to learn and understands fast. Leiftri is just a happy and healthy kind of guy.

  • Halla is a tall 5 gaited mare. She is a sorrel with a beautiful light colored mane and a small star, which makes her an eye catching sight.
    Her tolt and trot are nicely separated. Halla got her foals easy and always was a loving mother to them. Conformation judged with 7.85.

    Halla is not suitable for beginners. 136cm or 13.2h

  • Fídlari is a tall young gelding with a lot of expression and power.

    Fídlari is trained and has developed into a nice riding horse. Clear gaits, sweet personality and beautiful big eyes. He has been out on trails and loves dressage work in the arena. He listens nicely to aids and body language.

    He was evaluated in 2006. The judges comment included: “ harmonic built yearling, tendency to 5 gaited, much natural tolt and clear beat in trot and tolt.”

    Interior 7.7 with the comment: “ breed typical and energetic.”
    He had an 8.0 for confirmation.
    Gaits 7.7.

  • This Hördur frá Kolkuósi, grand daughter was born in Iceland.

    Lif has been a great mother and had several foals, all of them pintos. She has a luscious mane and good feet.

    Lif has always been a healthy horse. The pictures are 1. Lif with her foal Lisa,
    2.daughter Lukka and 3.son Lýttir

    Lif would be a nice companion horse, she has not been ridden since ages as we had her as a broodmare.

  • This lovely young mare is easy going. Vinka is a friendly mare who loves people. Great horse to hit the trails with, as she has proven herself as a safe reliable trail horse and is easy to deal with. She knows arena work as well.

    Nice even gaits with a comfortable to ride tolt. Vinka comes to greet you at the fence and loves to cuddle and being brushed.

  • Sola is a very friendly and reliable 4 gaited mare with a clear gait separation.
    She is one of our taller mares.
    Sola is lots of fun to ride in the arena and on the trails.

  • Haddi is a really pretty and tall gelding of 14 h.

    He shows a nice tolt, trot and canter under saddle. Long strides in walk. He loves dressage and responds nicely to the aids.

    Haddi was young horse evaluated in 7.6
    His judges comment included:
    Responsive yearling with good reactions and lots of natural tolt.

    Good potential as a show horse.

    His rare palomino color is an additional asset.

    Haddi was evaluated as young horse in 2006

    Interior 7.8, conformation 7.8, gaits 7.6
    His judges comment included:
    Responsive yearling with good reactions and lots of natural tolt.

  • Svarta Storna is a “black pearl” with a beautiful clear beat tolt, a very elegant and nice collected trot and a good canter.
    She is a four gaited mare with a great temperament, easy to deal with, but willing to give you her all. Svarta, as we call her was evaluated at the breed show in 2008.

    Conformation total : 7.74 with hooves 8.0, joints 8.0 general impression 8. head 8.0

    Ridden abilities:
    Tolt 7.5, trot 7.5, canter 7.5, walk 7.5
    general impression 8.0, spirit 8.0

    All her offspring have tons of natural tolt and a good trot and are easy to deal with.

  • Elva is a beautiful bay 5 gaited mare. She has been ridden on the trail a lot and also likes to work in the riding arena.
    Elva could be your trail and companion horse, just as well as your next competition horse.
    She loves to work and has a sweet temperament. She would need an advanced beginner or intermediate rider.